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The British Train Society

The British Train Society (BTS) is an organization for individuals with interests in various aspects of the railway system in the British Isles both past and present. These interests are fostered through an exchange of information based on actual operating knowledge, research or general interest. Model railway building and operation provides a theme around which other interests can be explored but not to the exclusion of other topics.   The BTS was founded in suburban Chicago in the spring of 1995 for the purpose of bringing together those in the Chicago area who have interests in the trains of Great Britain.  We welcome enthusiasts of British railways of all ages and modelers of all gauges. The British Train Society will acquaint you with others whose knowledge and enthusiasm for British trains spans time from their inception in the coalfields of Britain's North East to today's high-speed international trains of the Channel Tunnel. 

The Society's activities are noncommercial and are intended to promote the interests of the members in a spirit of mutual respect and fellowship.


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